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  • white red lace floral top
  • white red lace floral top

Poppy Design Knitted Two-Piece in Cream, Red and Coral

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Get spring-ready with our favourite poppy pattern two-piece knit top in cream, red and coral!

Finally heading into spring and preparing for the warmer weather is this gorgeous and airily light two-piece. It consists of a plain, fitted cream vest sitting under the loosely cut straight knit top. A short cap sleeve is provided, as we know that a lot of us ladies aren’t a hundred percent comfortable with having our arms completely bare; most of us do like a little bit of cover.

We love the poppy print design in beautiful shades of red, coral and maroon; it starts in the bottom right and grows across the top from there, with a mirror image on the back of the top. And we simply adore the subtlety of the sparingly placed sequins, that add just a teensy touch of glamour to this style.

One of our two favourite ways to wear this top is over black skinny jeans; the other, more serviceable later on in the year, is over linen trousers. But you will find loads more ways to combine and style this easy-going and versatile knit. Whatever you match it up with, the stand-out poppy print will be sure to brighten up your surroundings.


  •  Knit top
  • Two-piece
  • Cap sleeve
  • Poppy flower design
  • Cream, Red, Coral, Maroon
  • Sequins


Shell: 100% Polyester



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