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  • Grey long sleeved cardigan
  • Grey long sleeved cardigan

Grey Cardigan with Floral Print Lace Overlay

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A long sleeved grey cardigan with floral lace overlay in pink and blue to pep up any outfit!

It is the season that confronts us with the constant struggle between wanting to avoid the cold and wanting to look well. Is it really too much to ask to find a piece of clothing that will keep us warm, while at the same time preventing us from looking covered up and frumpy? No, in fact, it isn’t.

This long grey cardigan provides a stylish defence against the cold weather that will work with almost any outfit. Its lace overlay forms a collar and edges the cardigan with a gorgeous wide border all the way down the front. The splashes in shades of blush pink and baby blue make it very easy to match with most colours. The cardigan sports long sleeves (suitable to the season) and lies edge to edge without closing, so that the outfit you are wearing underneath is not covered up.

The materials used are warm, but light weight, and easy to deal with – hand wash will not be necessary, the cardigan is fully machine washable. That and its generous fit means it has earned its place on our list of season’s favourites!


  • Cardigan
  • Grey, Blush Pink & Baby Blue
  • Full length sleeve
  • Lace overlay 
  • Floral design
  • Generous fitting
  • Washable

65% Rayon

35% Polyester 

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